Picture of Lora Pola

Lora Pola Design was born as an umbrella for all creative work of a graphic designer and illustrator Laura Paulekaite. Her rather unusual name is pronounced "Lora Pola Kate", or Lora Pola for short, which was picked as a name to represent Laura's work.

Lora Pola Design logo loop

With professional training in art, graphic design and finance under her belt, Laura is a little ninja with numbers and pencils, and pixels. She believes that her ability to wear many hats is a source of strength and unique perspective in her work. On a daily basis, she will be working on projects ranging from corporate-focused graphic design to more art-related traditional and digital illustration techniques.

In her art practice, Laura continuous to work in a few very different directions. Her acrylic paitings are bursting with vivid colour and impressionist touch. Markers and pen work is a half-way stop whereby expressive colour is combined with a more precise and controlled pen detail. Finally, digital work in black is a complete opposite of the other two with its minimal approach, block detail and digital output. Laura enjoys switching between these techniques and how they inform each other.

If you would like to find out more or enquire about a particular art project, get in touch, or follow Laura on Instagram.

Stay curious. Create. Collaborate.